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Title: The making of the Constitution for The Federated States of Europe

Subtitle: On the usefulness and necessity of a federal Europe 

Editor: Dr Leo Klinkers  

Content: This book was written by members of the Citizens' Convention of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists (FAEF, It contains a constitution of only ten articles for a federal Europe, an extensive explanation of those articles and a number of studies that explore aspects of federalism in greater depth.It is a response to the identity crisis in which the European Union finds itself. A crisis that leads to the disintegration of the EU, with the risk of falling back to the situation of warring nation states of the 19th and 20th centuries. A relapse that can and must be prevented by piloting the European system of states safely into its next phase: that of a federal Europe.Brexit, conflicts of principle between EU member states and the quarrels between member states and 'Brussels', give little hope for preservation of unity within the EU system. What was built up after WWII is in danger of being lost; even the absence of war on the eastern side of the EU can no longer be taken for granted. The EU is governed in a way where nobody knows who the boss is. Lack of democratic support affects the peace, security, prosperity and happiness of us all. Europe's position in the geopolitical arena is getting weaker. The EU consumes more energy than it stores for preservation and renewal. It has reached the end of its political life cycle.But a different, federal Europe is within reach. That is a foundation for: a European society, in which the sovereignty of the member states is guaranteed and different languages and cultures coexist, in which a federal body takes care of common European interests,a Europe that plays a strong role in world politics, with a government that serves the European interest rather than national agendas,a federal Europe with a succinct constitution that can count on the support of its citizens.


The book was compiled by Dr Leo Klinkers, President of FAEF. Since 1970, he has been occupied with the question of how government, policy and organisation can be designed from the basis of society, in accordance with the adage: All sovereignty rests with the people.

Language: English

Number of pages: 278

Price: € 52,50 (including VAT and shipment)

ISBN: 978-90-83247-5-26

NUR: 828


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The making of the Constitution for The Federated States of Europe

Productcode: 978-90-83247-5-26
€ 52,50Prijs
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