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Title: Text and Explanation Paid Parental Leave Act

Subtitle: N/A

authors: mr. Dr. J. (Harry) van Drongelen and Mr. ADM (André) van Rijs

Content: Directive (EU) 2019/1158 contains a number of measures to improve the ability of workers to combine work and care. The measures concern a wide range of leave schemes and options for coordinating work obligations, if work permits, with care for young children and tasks in the context of informal care. This concerns the following measures: a) paternity leave: ten working days leave for fathers and 'second parents', ie the partner of the mother, due to the birth of the child, to be related to the agreed working hours (paid); b) parental leave: four months of leave per parent, of which two months cannot be transferred to the other parent, to be related to the agreed working hours (paid); c) care leave: five working days of leave per year; d) absenteeism due to force majeure in connection with urgent family circumstances (illness or accident); e) flexible working arrangements: possibility to request flexible working arrangements for care purposes; and f) legal protection measures. This has been achieved through the Paid Parental Leave Act, whereby the Work and Care Act and the Flexible Working Act have been amended. First of all, this book contains a general explanation based on parliamentary history. Since this concerns an amending act, the original text of the law has been included in the article-by-article explanation. The text of the amendment was then included, accompanied by an article-by-article explanation derived from parliamentary history, after which the integral (new) legislative text was included.

Scope: 142 pages

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ISBN: 978-90-830661-6-5

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Text and Explanation of Paid Parental Leave Act

SKU: 978-90-830661- 6- 5
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