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  • Are the books of Iustitia Scripta for sale at the bookstore?
    The books of Iustitia Scripta are for sale at all bookshops in Belgium and the Netherlands that are affiliated with the Centraal Boekhuis in Culemborg. The books are also for sale at all online bookstores. If the book is not in stock, the bookseller can order the book. Our books can also be ordered directly from us via the menu option: Bookstore.
  • I ordered the wrong book; what now?
    Booksellers have their own terms and conditions. If you bought a book from us at an (online) bookstore, please contact your supplier for a solution if you ordered the wrong book by mistake. Books are fragile and once a book has been purchased it will soon show signs of use making it unsaleable. Please take this into account when ordering. So please check your order carefully before clicking the Order button.
  • I have a manuscript that may be of interest to Iustitia Scripta; what can i do with that?
    Contact us via the Contact form? We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.
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