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On this product page of the release:'WWFT in practice - Case law bundle for the gatekeeper', you will find - if applicable - an overview of related documents relevant to the book. By making these documents accessible via a link, we hope to have increased the ease of use of the release.


WWFT in practice – Case law collection for the gatekeeper – contains a unique overview of case law from a disciplinary, administrative and criminal law perspective with regard to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (WWFT) and a single ruling on the Sanctions Act. The most important case law in the field of WWFT has been mapped out for all types of gatekeepers. This includes not only banks, trust offices, payment institutions and merchants, but also administrative offices, independent professionals such as accountants, tax advisers, and legal service providers such as lawyers and civil-law notaries. The book also contains a useful register of articles of law that provides insight into case law in a specific area for all gatekeepers. The book builds on the Practical Book WWFT that was published in 2017.


Finally, the ten-step plan of the Wwft included in the appendix provides practical support for meeting the obligations of customer due diligence and the notification obligation. Ideally suited for the compliance officer, the trust office, the bank employee, accountant. lawyer, notary, supervisor, investigating officer, public prosecutor or the judiciary.

About the authors

  • mr. ATA Tilleman LL.M. has extensive experience with regard to anti-money laundering regulations. He is active as a consultant, academic researcher and teacher. In the past, he regularly conducted disciplinary and administrative proceedings regarding the Wwft for the Financial Supervision Office. He was also frequently involved in related policy and legislative projects. He previously worked as a lawyer in (inter)national practice and as a corporate lawyer at De Nederlandsche Bank and British Aerospace in Great Britain. He completed two Grotius specialization courses and the forensic accountancy course after graduating in the Netherlands and Great Britain.

  • mr. DS Kolkman CFE works as a supervisor at the Financial Supervision Office. He conducts investigations at civil-law notaries, accountants, tax advisers and administrative offices in the context of compliance with the Wwft. In addition, he regularly gives presentations and writes articles in various magazines on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. Before that, he worked for eight years as a tax advisor in the international practice of Deloitte and PWC. In 2006 he completed the postgraduate course in forensic accountancy at Nyenrode University and Leiden University. In 2015 he passed the CFE exam (Certified Fraud Examiner) and has since become an ACFE member (

  • mr. PC Speekenbrink works as a senior policy advisor at the Financial Intelligence Unit – The Netherlands. He regularly writes articles and gives presentations. He is also active in an international context in the context of tackling financial and economic crime, in particular money laundering and terrorist financing. He previously worked for the National Police Services Agency and the Ministry of Justice. He also taught at the SSR and the Police Academy and the Dutch Compliance Institute.

Subscription WWFT in practice

The book contains many references to case law, which have been made clickable in a specially created subscription. You will then not only have the summary, keywords and legal references while reading, but you can also reach the correct statement with one click in or another publication source. This subscription also keeps you informed of developments in the field of the WWFT. The authors of the book provide regular updates and other relevant content. You not only have a handy reference work, but also a full-fledged information product about the WWFT that does not miss any relevant developments. For more info go toSubscription WWFT in practice For more information.

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