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Iustitiascriptpublishes professional information for legal professionals and legal information for non-legal professionals. Legal information for the consumer market is also included in the portfolio.

The name Iustitiascriptmeans as much as 'written justice', which expresses the ambition that the publisher strives with its publications to make a small contribution to the qualitative improvement of the legal business in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, law and justice are not always two sides of the same coin.

The publisher attaches great importance to the process of creating the publications that are included in the fund and tries to achieve an optimal result in collaboration with the authors and editors, both in terms of content, but also through the form and functionality that is required for the publication. presentation of the information is chosen.

Paper has been used to distribute texts for hundreds of years and the way in which this is done ensures that the information can be processed quickly or not by the reader. The design of the texts is also important, but the use of margin texts, expressive main lines, registers, etc. also ensure quick access to the information.

Of course we also have an eye for the possibilities offered by digital publishing, but have not yet written off the paper publications, as seems to be the case with some larger publishers. Where possible, new technologies are used. An example isGrazer Legal but also the interaction between paper publications and the digital product form is given shape and content through the use of QR codes and product pages on the Iusitia websitescript.

In addition, it is still pleasant for authors and editors, but also for readers to gain knowledge with the help of a book: a tangible proof of the efforts the writers make to share their knowledge with others. Good interaction between author and publisher is necessary in order to arrive at a well-written book. Authors and editors also deserve the care of their brainchildren, as they usually carry out their writing and editing duties outside of their regular work: on weekends, evenings and holidays, where the fees are usually only a small contribution to the many hours of work that go into sitting in a publication. Then it is nice not to hide the publication somewhere in an online environment behind a paywall for a select audience, but visible to everyone who wants it and who knows how to value the efforts.

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