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Title: Text and Explanation on future-proofing labor migration legislation

Subtitle: N/A

authors: mr. Dr. J. (Harry) van Drongelen and Mr. ADM (André) van Rijs

Content: The aim of labor migration policy is to protect the labor market and to prevent and combat illegal employment. The revision of the Wav on 1 January 2022 contains two measures to strengthen the position of the labor migrant/employee: the monthly cashless payment of wages and the optional ground for rejection if an employer has no economic activities. This book contains a general and article-by-article explanation based on the parliamentary documents.

Scope: 54 pages

Price: € 15.00 (incl. VAT)

Postage costs: For orders from abroad, a surcharge applies to the amount of the part of the shipping costs that exceeds these costs within the Netherlands.

ISBN: 978-90-830661-7-2

NUR: 825


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Text and explanation on future-proofing (...) labor migration

SKU: 978-90-830661-7-2
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