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Title: Text and Explanation of the Act implementation EU directive transparent and predictable working conditions

Subtitle: N/A

authors: mr. Dr. J. (Harry) van Drongelen and Mr. ADM (André) van Rijs

Content: The Implementation of the EU Directive Transparent and Predictable Employment Conditions Act amends Book 7 of the Civil Code, the Flexible Working Act, the Working Conditions of Posted Employees in the European Union Act and the Transitional Act new Civil Code in connection with the implementation in the Dutch legislation of the European Directive on transparent and predictable employment conditions of 20 June 2019 (Pb EU 2019, L 186). The aim of this directive and thus the aforementioned law is to improve the working conditions of employees by promoting more transparent and predictable working conditions while at the same time ensuring an adaptability in the labor market. employee in the European Union with regard to the information to be provided by the employer to an employee and when that information must be provided. In addition, the law contains minimum requirements for employment conditions, which relate, among other things, to the probationary period, the possibility to work for more than one employer (side employment), the predictability of the work to be performed, the transition to other forms of work and the funding of compulsory training.

Scope: 90 pages

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ISBN: 978-90-832475-1-9

NUR: 825


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T&T Wet implementatie EU-richtlijn transparante en voorspelbare arbeidsvoor ...

SKU: 978-90-832475-1-9
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