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Title: Justice in the picture

Subtitle: A structure for fair dealing: 92 propositions 

Author: Prof. dr. Dr FPCL Tonnaer

Content: The ideas of justice have prompted the international legal community to establish a collection of legal principles which are outlined in this book. These principles of law are the beacons for a global Civilization offensive which the law compels and from which the Netherlands will not be able to escape either. Think of Urgenda, the Allowances affair, but also the recent vaccination issue.


Justice (Iustitia) is seen as the most important of the four 'cardinal' virtues. This book expresses in 92 propositions what justice is and what is required to be able to speak of it. It is based on the classical view that justice means that everyone gets his or her own. But that is a vague expression: what is it that each should get? And who cares? The government has a decisive role in this. By organizing give and take, the state must promote fair social relations.


In order to concretize what everyone should receive or give, the concept of common level of existence is used: the level of social security and quality of life set by the government for which all citizens must at least qualify. But it is also that to which each should contribute according to his ability (duties). Moreover, justice makes demands on the individual level of existence determined by the citizens themselves. This should not be achieved by one at the expense of the other. And that too is a subject of government concern.


These basic principles permeate the law and – unlike now appears to be the case – serve as a guideline for the government.


See also the edition:To each his own: On the realization of justice.

Scope: 182 pages

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ISBN: 978-90-830661-3-4

NUR: 730, 820

Justice in pictures

SKU: 978-90-830661-3-4
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