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Title: To each his own

Subtitle: On the realization of justice 

Author: Prof. dr. Dr FPCL Tonnaer

Content: This release takes an unconventional approach to the issue of justice. The realization that it is the central task of the government to promote fair social relations is often hard to find these days. Frans Tonnaer deals with this theme in his latest book. It concerns a report of the search for answers to questions in his daily work as director of a government-oriented legal consultancy. What is the government actually doing? For what purpose do the legislature and the administration set policy and try to implement it, and why and how does the court test that policy? By what right does the government actually conduct policy? The book portrays the central notions of justice. What does justice mean and how can just relationships be promoted? It is based on the classical principle that everyone should get his or her own, but what is that? A bridge is being built between these notions and the way in which they are to be realized in the daily practice of modern society. society must be achieved. In this regard, subsistence security and quality of existence are the underlying concepts. With a view to social peace, justice demands that everyone be eligible for the level of subsistence and quality determined by the government (the common level of subsistence). Justice also demands that each contribute according to his ability to the realization of that level. In addition, in order to ensure personal peace between people, justice demands that one does not realize one's self-chosen level of existence at the expense of others. Based on these principles, it is examined which general requirements the law imposes on people in today's current affairs. Prof. dr. Dr FPCL Tonnaer is professor of environmental law at the Open University and heads a legal consultancy.


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Scope: 675 pages

Price: € 49,50 (incl. VAT)

Postage costs: For orders from abroad, there is a surcharge equal to the part of the shipping costs that exceeds  within the Netherlands.

ISBN: 978-90-78840-01-5

NUR: 730, 820

To each his own - On the realization of justice

SKU: 978-90-78840-01-5
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